SurfingTunnel 1.6

It allows users to navigate on the Internet with anonymous IP addresses
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Surfing Tunnel is a PC program that allows users to navigate on the Internet using anonymous IP addresses. Basically, this piece of software is able to create a coded connection to the Internet and thus, mask the real IP address.

One of the important features of this piece of software is the fact that offers users the opportunity to mask their IP addresses in a random way, or by taking into consideration their location. This feature can be easily accessed by clicking the “Options” menu and then selecting “IP Address Countries”. Also, from this menu, users are able to configure a Parental Control tool integrated in the application.

Surfing Tunnel is based on the proxy network technology, i.e. it uses a bypass server that acts as an intermediary and hides personal information at the moment one starts surfing the Internet. All one has to do in this regard is click the “Start” button located on the main screen. Once the task completes, users will receive a proxy IP, which they can use while configuring their browsers.

To conclude with, Surfing Tunnel is an efficient tool that protects users’ personal information at the moment they start navigating on the Internet. This program enables users’ Internet access to websites that are usually blocked by ISPs. It also gives them the opportunity to access certain websites blocked in certain countries or regions, at the same time ensuring an efficient personal data protection.

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